Below are selected links to various websites that you may find interesting!

B-Movie Detective - If you love B-movies, check out B-movie review website "B-Movie Detective,
hosted by Robb of RedTime Comic Review, (whose wonderful video reviews of Kyle's B&B and
other comics on YouTube should not be missed! Check 'em out at YouTube - Det. Abilene  )

Cerebral Palsy & LGBT - This website is a great resource for info and guidance about cerebral palsy, and this page in particular shines a light on LGBT people living with & dealing with cerebral palsy.

The Gay Comics List - a rather extraordinary compendium of gay comics art, reviews, & info.
Including a pretty spectacular review of Kyle's B&B !

The Gay League - This is the awesome online community for LGBT comic fans, collectors and creators worldwide.

Gay Toons from "Daddy's Here" - Daddy had assembled a wide variety of gay, (and sexy) toons
for your enjoyment!

Geek of All Trades - A self-described "gay Gen-Xer's view on things geeky including comic books,
TV, video games, collectible card games, and more."  Fun stuff... check it out!

Just a Jeep Guy - All kinds of fun stuff, from Sean, who also happens to be a Kyle's B&B fan!

Prism Comics - an organization dedicated to promoting the work of LGBT creators in the comics
 industry, as well as LGBT themes in comics in general.

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Hi Greg! Thanks for adding the link to Daddy's Toon page!